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This is the game Server

    [Server Working since ] #04/01/2010 15:00 (+2GTM)

  • ZoHaN-MU Latest Version Includes:Retail Features:

    Full Season 3
    Rage Fighter 100% Retail Working, 3RD Quest, All Skills, Items - HOT!
    Full CashShop Server (All Seasons) - NEW!
    Fully Retail Working, All Original Seals, Items, Buff Effect Items - HOT!
    Multi-Lahap System - NEW!
    New Bundles Of Jewels For Mixing: Chaos, Life, Guardian, Gemstone, Harmony, Creation, Refining Stones - HOT!
     MUEngine Unique JoinServer - NEW!
    Optimized SQL Connection, Less CPU & Ram Usage, MD5 On/Off, Auto-DC Stucked Accounts - HOT!
    MUEngine Unique DataServer 
    Taking Care Of All GS Data Needs - RESULT: LAG FREE GAMESERVER - HOT!
    Gens System 
    100% Retail Working - HOT!
    Master Skill Tree System 
    100% Retail Working All Skills - HOT!
    Max Item Level +15 
    100% Retail Working Glow, Chaos Machine Upgrades - HOT!
    Max Harmony System +15 
    100% Retail Working Up To +15 Items InGame - HOT!
    Max Additional Option +28 
    Combo System 
    100% Retail Working Combo InGame - HOT!
    Battle Soccer
    2ND Class Evolution 
    3RD Class Evolution 
    Elf Buffer NPC
    New Duel System 
    100% Retail Working - HOT!
    New Pets 
    100% Retail Working - HOT!
    New Rings 
    100% Retail Working - HOT!
    Castle Siege Event 
    100% Retail Working - LifeStone, Senior Mix - HOT!
    Blood Castle Event
    Devil Square Event
    Chaos Castle Event
    Illusion Temple Event
    Raklion Hatchery Event
    Halloween Event
    X-Mas Attack Event
    White Wizard Event
    Red Dragon Invasion
    Golden Monster Invasion 
    Includes New Golden Mobs
    Kanturu Event
    CryWolf Event
    Loren Deep Event
    New Year Event
    Moss Merchant Event
    Cherry Blossom Event
    Golden Archer Event
    Kalima 1-7 Event

    Custom Features:

    + Real-Time Server Monitor NEW!
    Automatically Checks & Restarts Your GameServers In Case Of Abnormal Termination - HOT!!!
    + Real-Time Dupe Scanner NEW!
    Automatically Scan, Delete & Save Logs Of Character Inventory/Vault Duped Items - HOT!!!
    + Guild Vault System 
    Guilds Can Now Have Their Own Vault, Set Any Map, Coordinates & NPC ID You Wish - HOT!!!
    + Item Insurance System 
    - Protect Any Specific Item From Trading/Selling Using a Jewel Of Insurance...
    + Scramble Words Event 
    Automated Event Scrambling Words You Set In File, Players Answer & Get Reward (Fully Customized) - HOT!!!
    + Monster Spawn System 
    Automated System Spawning Mobs Of Your Choice (Fully Customized With Mob ID, Map ID, Mob Count, Spawn Time) - HOT!!!
    + PC Point System 
    Earn Points By Killing Mobs, Set Specific Mob ID, Map ID, Points Gain - HOT!
    + Credit System With Personal Store
    InGame Personal Store Using CashShop Points / WebShop Credits Instead Of Zen (Can Be Disabled) - HOT!!!
    + Socket Slot Adder (Jewel Of Socket) System
    Add Slot To Socket Items With Drag And Drop Process Like JOH System - HOT!!!
    + Gens Configurator System
    Fully Control Your Gens System, Unique Options Such As: Use Retail Point System Or Custom (Where You Set Points Gained/Lost), Required Level To Join, Required Resets To Join, Allow or Not Duel/Guild War/Party Same Gens, Allow or Not Gens All Maps - HOT!!!
    Season Switch System
    Enable Season 3
    Enable Season 4
    Enable Season 5
    Enable Season 6

    + New Char Bonus System
    Unique: Set Starting LevelUp Points & Zen For Newly Created Characters - HOT!
    + Custom Excellent Drop System
    Unique: Set Max Exc Option Drop Based On Player Resets (You Choose The Max Exc Drop Per "X" Resets) - HOT!
    Custom Item Drop System
    Unique: Config Your Server With Custom Item Drop, Set Map Number, Mob ID, Minimum Mob Level, Maximum Mob Level, Minimum Item Level, Maximum Item Level, Skill, Luck, Option, Durability, Maximum Exc Option, Item Ancient, Drop Rate % - HOT!
    Custom Command System
    - Unique: Choose The Syntax For Any Game Command - HOT!
    Custom Excellent/Ancient/Socket System
    Enable Exc +Socket
    Enable Exc +Ancient
    Enable Exc +Socket + Harmony
    Enable Ancient +Socket
    - Enable Ancient +Exc
    Enable Ancient +Socket +Exc
    Enable Ancient +Harmony
    Enable Ancient +Harmony +Exc

    Item Move Attribute System
    - Unique: Choose Blocking Specific Item By Setting Minimum Item Level, Luck, Skill, Minimum Option, Exc Option, Minimum Exc Option & Then Choose Whether To Block Trade, Add In Vault, Add In Chaos Machine, Add In Personal Store Values For That Item - HOT!
    Event Scheduler System
    Unique: Shedule When & Where Custom Events Start By Setting Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Map Number Values - HOT!
    Map Attribute System
    Unique: Choose Specific Attributes For Any Map/Spot, Just Set Your Map, Start/End Coordinates, Enable/Disable PVP, Additional Exc Rate, Additional Experience Rate, VIP Only Option , Enable/Disable During Specific Event Only, Player Cannot Attack Mob Option, PK Free Option, Allow/Restrict Gens Specific Option - HOT!
    Socket Items System 
    Add Any Item You Wish To Have Sockets Enabled InGame
    Slot Recovery System 
    Unique: Automatically Add Specified Number Of Slots To Socket Item - HOT!
    Zen Multiplier System 
    Unique: Need More or Less Zen Amount Dropped InGame? You Have Full Control Of Zen Multiplier Value - HOT!
    Ranking Announcer System 
    - Unique: Automatically Announce Top Reset & Top PK Player InGame (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) - HOT!
    News System
    Unique: Send Game News/Notices InGame, Select Message Duration (Days, Minutes, Hours), Message Type (Golden Message, Slide Message) - HOT!
    GM System 
    Unique: Give The Exact Rights To Any GM, Allow/Restrict Commands: Ban/UnBan Character, Ban/UnBan Post, Ban/UnBan Account, Reload Settings, Trace Player, Disconnect Player, Set/UnSet VIP, Stats, Set PK Status, Set Zen Amount, Create Item, Hide Status, Debug Mode, Online Status - HOT!
    VIP System
    Unique: Sell Player VIP Status, Choose Additional EXP Amount, Days, FreePK, Max Exc Drop, Additional Exc Rate, Additional Custom Drop Rate, Enable Swamp For VIP Only - HOT!
    Global Chat System 
    Send Global Message (/Post) To All Servers - HOT!
    PK Clear System
    - Player Can Clear PK Status Automatically InGame, Set Required Zen, Item
    Add Stats System 
    Player Can Add Stats Automatically InGame, Change Commands Syntax Anytime - HOT!
    Add Zen System 
    Unique: Let Players Use Free Zen Command, Choose Zen Amount Reward - HOT!
    Reset System
    Player Can Reset Character Automatically InGame, Select Required Level, Zen, Item, Keep/Reset Stats, Bonus Points
    Grand Reset System
    Unique: Let Your Players Grand Reset By Choosing Required Level, Resets, Item, Zen & Set Any Item Rewards You Wish EVEN FULL OPTION ITEMS - HOT!
    Extra Vault System
    - Enable Extra Vaults For Your Players/VIPs, Select Number Of Additional Vaults
    Account Lock System 
    Unique: Let Your Players Have Extra Security When They Need It, Restrict Item Trade, Sell, Post, PK, Duel, Guild, Stats Change, Reset Char, Delete Char By Setting a Master Key - HOT!
    Anti-Stuck System 
    Unique: Automatically Disconnects Stucked Accounts InGame - HOT!
    Calc Character System 
    Balance All Classes Exactly As You Wish, Adjust Damage, Defense & Attack Speed Of Any Class
    Extra EXP Event 
    Set The Additional Experience % Given & Event Duration
    Golden Archer Event 
    Unique: Rena Event, Collect Renas For Item Rewards, Set Map, Required Renas, Rewards - HOT!
    Jewel Gamble Event
    -Unique: Player vs Player Gambling, Select Time, Event NPC, Map, Lucky Winner Takes All - HOT!
    Automatic Drop Event 
    Unique: Drop Event, Choose Map, Time, Item Drops - HOT!
    Special Marry Event 
    Unique: Marry Event With Timer, Select When, Where & How Marry Event Takes Place - HOT!
    Dungeon Race Event 
    Unique: Player vs Player Race Event In Dungeons, Fastest Player Wins - HOT!
    PVP LastStand Event 
    Unique: Player vs Player Killing Event, Last Player Stand Wins - HOT!
    SpeedHack Protection 
    Unique: Automatically Protects Your Server From Speed Hack Acceleration - HOT!
    Anti-Dupe Protection 
    Unique: Automatically Protects Your Server From Item Duplication - HOT!
    Anti-SQL Injection Protection 
    Unique: Automatically Protects Your Database From Game Injection Attacks - HOT!
    HeartBeat Protection 
    - Unique: Automatically Protects Your Server From Main Alteration - Requests Unique Client-Server Authentication - HOT!
    Much More Unique Configs
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